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How does the online chat work?

The counseling is offered for free, anonymously, without registration and in several languages. Please check our office hours for the different languages and federal states.

You can easily ask your questions in the online chat during our office hours. You can find the office hours under Counselors on our website.

The chat is located at the right bottom corner of our website. To open the chat, click on the blue speech bubble.

Now you can ask your question there in German, Arabic, English, Turkish or Russian. Confirm the terms of use click on "Ask a question" to send your message.

Your question will be sent to our advisors. They will answer you as soon as possible.

If many people want to use the service, there may be a waiting time. You will be informed in the chat how many people are waiting in the queue.

Depending on how many people want to use the counseling service, it may take a little longer. We would like to take our time for you. Counseling can sometimes take 45 minutes per person.

Have you consulted the counseling service? We are happy to hear that!

Please note: The chat will be closed 10 minutes after the end of the counseling. If you want to read the information from the chat again later, you have to save the chat. You can do this directly in the chat.

To do this, click on the symbol at the bottom left (gear) in the chat. Then you have the choice: either you go to the "print symbol" and save the chat on your device. Or you click on the letter symbol and send the chat to your e-mail address. Please let our counsellors know if you have any problems saving the chat.

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