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The communities of immigrants are very active in the field of education. There are many self-organizations and associations throughout Germany. They make a valuable contribution to the education and offer events and support for parents. It is also possible to volunteer and get involved in associations.

We have created a database of migrant organizations and educational associations for you. In our database you can find associations and organizations in your area. Enter your post code or a search term in the search field. The database is constantly being expanded. You are welcome to let us know about organizations that are not yet in our database.

Zentralrat der Armenier in Deutschland e.V. (ZAD)
Գերմանահայոց Կեդրոնական Խորհուրդ
Zentralrat der Serben in Deutschland (ZSD) e.V. (ZSD)
Централни савет Срба у Немачкоj
Trautenaustraße 5
10717 Berlin
Zentralverband der Assyrischen Vereinigungen in Deutschland und Europäischen Sektionen e.V. (ZAVD)
Berliner Straße 113
33330 Gütersloh
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