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Counseling process

Our counseling service for you

The counseling at KEBiK is free of charge, multilingual and anonymous. You can easily contact the counseling during our office hours - online and without registration. You can find out how to do this under Counseling Chat.

KEBiK offers you chat counseling on the topic of education. We answer questions about kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school and ways after graduation.

Our counselors are very familiar with the educational system in Germany. They are trained and experienced in counseling parents. They also know the challenges of parents who new in Germany.

With the KEBiK chat counseling, we would like to offer you a first drop-in service for questions on the topic of education. With us, you will receive basic information and advice.

You ask your question in the chat on our website. You can contact us in Arabic, German, English, Russian or Turkish.

Our advisors will answer you and may ask for further information. For example, they may ask which German federal state you live in or how old your child is. This is important in order to be able to answer questions about education. This is because there are different rules in each federal state. Your information is safe with us. Your information will be securely deleted after two weeks and will not be passed on to third parties.

Together with the counselor, you will talk about the questions you have. Sometimes new questions arise during the conversation. Our counselors will be happy to provide you with appropriate information. We will also be happy to refer you to a counseling center in your area. You can go there if you have further or more specific questions.

The KEBiK chat counseling is a first point of contact to get information about the educational system. We offer orientation and referring counseling. This means that we answer general questions about the education system (orientation). For example, "How do I find a daycare center? " or "Which school leaving certificate can my child obtain? ". For very specific questions, we always try to find an answer. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will gladly refer you to a counseling center that knows the answer (referral).

A counseling service cannot offer everything. Therefore, we cannot offer you long-term support, conflict counseling, therapeutic counseling or legal counseling.

Nor can our counselors make a decision for you. If you have to make a decision about your child's education, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with information. However, you will have to make the decision yourself. Our counselors will not usually make recommendations. Questions such as "What school should my child go to?" depend on many factors and cannot be easily answered from a distance.

We cannot advise you on the following family and educational topics: Immigration law, recognition of diplomas, family law, child custody and social services.

However, we will be steadily expanding our subject areas in the coming years.

In the KEBiK project, we adhere to the principle of data economy. We collect as little data as possible. No data is passed on to third parties. The chat takes place in a protected environment. All chat histories are deleted after two weeks. No personal data is collected. You do not have to provide any personal data (such as name or address). The consultation is anonymous.

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